Days to Waste – when the summer ends

You know that scene in Inside Out where Sadness touches all of Riley’s old memories that were once bringing her copious amounts of joy were now making her melancholy? That, at its core, is what Days to Waste has written about today in when the summer ends. Uncovering our core memories that we previously wore as a badge of honour with the pride we had for the experience, before they were tainted by something we now desperately try to repress. This internal tension is captured in pristine condition within the narrative, evocative lyrics litter the soundscape depicting a relationship made of memories that would last a lifetime that has tragically reached its conclusion. The acoustic guitar forms an intimate atmosphere that brings the engaging story to life as you venture deeper into his headspace, seeing all the pain swirl inside his inner psyche. This pain pours out of this soundscape like a waterfall, slowly building to a cathartic finale where we enter a full pop punk, emo band experience. Explosive guitars, pounding drums, screaming vocals, it’s an end that unleashes all your emotion out and serves as a depressing to a chapter of Days to Waste’s life.

Pop punk has been made a resurgence and we’re getting inundated with artists offering their fresh new take on the sound. Days to Waste’s might be my favourite as he stays true to the sound that the likes of Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce the Veil built before him, but offers his own special twist as well.

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