Pei – Themesong

It’s rare that an artist can say they used a banjo that previously belonged to Fleetwood Mac in one of their songs, but Pei (previous member of Gang of Youths) has full bragging rights today because he’s actually accomplished it. One part superhero theme that belongs in the MCU for Captain America and the other being the M*A*S*H theme song, Themesong is filled with orchestral splendour that lifts you higher than the clouds. Welcoming us with open arms to broader horizons and warmer days beyond the grey skies, the production is filled with character. A charming brass sections featuring free flowing trumpets, funk driven tubas, energetic glockenspiels and horns that make you smile from ear to ear, radiating a euphoric energy that boosts your serotonin levels up dramatically. A string section of heavenly violins melt into the rustic banjos and woody mandolins, juxtaposing each other yet managing to work harmoniously together. These oscillating instrumentals are the equivalent to the collage artist of Pablo Picasso, pieces that don’t belong together managing to form something so beautiful.

From soft vocal flourishes reminiscent of early 60’s pop, a compelling hook that begs you hum it and cascading melodies that wash over you, this might go down as Pei’s best track to date. Blissfully riding the wave of jubilance, the carefree idyllic beauty of this single is hard to argue against.

“I literally woke up one day with the melody. I wouldn’t say I dreamt about it, but I woke up and was like, ‘Fuck, I can’t get this melody out of my head.’ It sounded like the M*A*S*H theme song. At the time, a friend I had made, who was best friends with the Mumford & Sons guys, wanted to start a football podcast with me. He’d been talking to me about it and I just thought, ‘Why don’t I write a theme song for this podcast?’ Obviously, that podcast never happened, I moved back here and I still never told him that I tried to write a theme song for it. Plus the banjo I bought from Fleetwood Mac! It was made for Lindsey Buckingham but then given to Neil Finn who I then bought it from.”

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