Oliver Tree – Placeholder

You can always rely on Oliver Tree to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. We see a piece of bread, he sees a ready made canvas for him to create peanut butter artworks on. We see a piece of paper, he sees a musical instrumental which he can tear to form various beats for others to use at will. We see an empty seat at a dinner party, he sees a visual metaphor that you’d expect to see during the realisation scene of an Oscar winning movie directed by Greta Gerwig. The latter is what occurred when inspiration struck and he wrote the pop punk anthem Placeholder.

Maintaining his high level of creativity and ingenuity, Placeholder is one forward facing nostalgia with a pop punk guitar riffs that Blink 182 would be jealous of (which makes sense considering Travis Barker helped produce) and the charismatic vocal of Oliver littering the soundscape. For me however, it’s the fascinating lyrical display that I was enraptured by. The imagery used is sublime and conjures up your own movie within your mind as you find yourself within the tale, linking back his authentic storytelling to a moment in your life you just can’t shake. Hard not to love what Oliver Tree is doing when bangers like this keep coming out.

“This song is about a placeholder at a dinner I went to a few months back,” says Oliver. “The person who was supposed to be sitting next to me didn’t show up and it was the most beautiful, elegant plate and utensils set up that went completely unused. Afterwards I drove directly to the studio and wrote a song about it.”

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