Emei – That Girl

We’ve all attempted to become the best version of ourself or try to emulate those day to day lifestyle choices we hear countless business heads on Tik Tok explain, however just as quickly as we started, we give up on this unattainable goal. We’ve all done this and all failed it but we’ve got someone who’s turned our internal frustrations into a pop rock anthem, perfect for if you’re getting a bit sick of Olivia Rodrigo’s Good For You by now.

Emei encapsulates the energy of wanting to be the person you idolise by following their pattern but, as the chorus screams out in sweet catharsis, we realise we’ll never be That Girl. 90’s inspired rock guitars lead the soundscape with an unwavering amount of animosity that launches you into a frenzy. Wave your hands in the air, dance like a lunatic, grab friends and turn your bedroom into your own mini mosh-pit, whatever your choice this single lets you release your frustrations in a wondrous cathartic explosion. You can scream the lyrics out at the top of your lungs and match Emei beat for beat with her charismatic vocal performance. When that chorus arrives though, everyone within a 10 mile radius will belt this out with you. Emei has unleashed a true anthem today, be sure to keep an eye on this pop phenomenon in the making.

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