Spici Water – Truth

Western Australian indie-rockers Spici Water take a cruisier turn for their latest single ’Truth’. Full of wavy arpeggios and laid-back performances, the tune takes a dive into piercing the veil of a lover’s true intentions and traversing through a landscape of mawkish partners.

The layers begin with wobbly guitars, providing flavours I’d associate with the likes of Ocean Alley and Spacey Jane. This is then coupled with a swaying rhythm and slower than usual tempo harkening to artists such as Tash Sultana, and made complete with powerful scat-singing vocals. Both instrumental and vocal performances are breathtaking, making you want to just roll your head back in relaxation.

An interesting dynamic presents itself in this track, one where contrasting feelings are portrayed; The sedated, reggae-inspired instrumentation used jars with the serious, confronting attitude of now ‘knowing the truth’ about their lover. This is such a smart play by Spici. I love it whenever artists do this with a contrarian, almost cloaked meaning hiding behind the style of performance, as done famously by Foster The People’s Pumped Up Kicks. Spici’s come-up, and by extension this latest jam, are shining examples of Western Australia’s flourishing music scene; Already joining the Perth ranks alongside newcomers such as DICE, the aforementioned Spacey Jane, and the legendary Tame Impala.

We hope Spici Water continues to grow, with many more good times, recruited Hydro Homies, and future tasty tunes to come!

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