northxix – september

The joy of love can often leave to the pain of heartbreak. An experience where your mind will be wrapped in a cacophony of different thoughts screaming at you about what went wrong, how it happened, who did what and whether you think you’ll find someone like that again. Feeling like he had a fragment of himself missing after his roughest break up to date, this heartbreak is what lead northxix to writing his most emotionally charged single to date which will undoubtably find its way onto countless break up playlists. Especially when you listen to the lyrics and realise that this single doesn’t focus solely on heartbreak, it looks at the aftermath of it and what goes on beyond the original pain.

The high octane ballad september was designed for screaming at the top of your lungs to let all your emotion out in a cathartic release. From the evocative vocals having corse edges surrounding the belting notes to give the illusion that northxix is on his knees breaking down over this pain, to the acoustic guitar clashing with the industrial synths in a euphonic collision, it’s hard not to understand what he’s going through. The pain transcends onto you, making every word feel like a dagger going straight through you heart, all whilst rhythmic production propels you forward into the unknown. This feels like a defining moment for northxix’s music.

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