keni can fly – 99′ pollen

Keni can fly’s track idk shit but colours remains one of my most played tracks of 2021 by a country mile. Stumbling across it was like finding liquid gold, heck the way it’s going I’m fairly certain it’ll become liquid platinum in the next few weeks, but ever since then he’s been consistently raising the bar with his music. Each drop is an elevating, he continually pushes the envelope of his music and translates that into everything that he does. His performing is a prime example of this with the artist taking to the stage like a veteran pro, having the audience in the palm of his hand and turning whatever festival he arrive at into a keni can fly concert experience.

His latest drop is titled 99′ pollen and it continues his long, everlasting streak of banging songs that have ridiculously high replay value. With a production that balances that fine line between the early era of motown, jazz and modern chill hop, Keni’s hazy rapping is given a proper spotlight. Weaving in-between slick trumpets and effervescent beats we’re greeted by a colourful array of witty lyrics that paint a vivid image in your mind of the story at hand, all whilst giving your head something to bop along too. Yeah, keni can fly but right now he’s soaring like an eagle with the class of his music.

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