Ray Laurél – Hunter Schafer


Is this what love feels like? Or how HBO Euphoria’s Rue Bennett felt the minute they saw Jules Vaughn? Or how Ray Laurél felt the first time seeing Hunter Schafer?

New and upcoming UK based artist, Ray Laurél, will immediately have you wishing for Season 3 or even better, have you wishing for more music with the artist’s first coming-of-age single, Hunter Schafer. With the track starting off slow with a bit of synth, a bass immediately drops drifting your vibe to some dream-like state and seeing through rose-colored glasses. All of a sudden, you can’t help but continue listening.

“I can’t see where I’m going, but baby I don’t mind…blind and in love with you”. All of a sudden, the track picks up with a classic kick, snare, and hi-hat progression. First verse, conversational and requited, an explanation of why Ray feels the way they do.. which isn’t much because “I don’t know how it happened, but darling I don’t care.” Then all of sudden, similar to declaring your love for someone and screaming their name from the top of the highest mountains, the chorus begins stating the future Ray sees with their love.

“I want a life with ya, we gonn’ ride or die, road trips in a Ford ‘52. Playing Jasmine in the front, baby Genny in the back. I see it! I see it now.”

A nice family road trip with baby Genny sitting in the back, but “when morning comes, I’m ready for you”, implying it is all a dream and she is what makes Ray look forward to another day. Before the track ends, a bridge containing a strong guitar solo that will make you move to the ugliest scrunched up stink face will have you enjoying the last few seconds of the chorus. This track will have hopeless romantics screaming the chorus on their daily commute and HBO Euphoria fans curious to take a listen. I see Ray Laurél being a consistent press play artist for years to come in my queue with a similar sound to Harry Styles’ first self-titled debut album, more specifically Kiwi mixed with the lyrical storytelling of Woman.

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