St. Wallace – BALLOON

St. Wallace popping up in our submissions box might be one of greatest blessings I’ve had in a long time. One listen to his single BALLOON and I was caught hook, line and sinker, instantly becoming a fan and diving deep into his discography to see exactly what I’d been missing. Turns out everyones been sleeping on his introspective melodic rap sound, featuring an array of poetic lyrics that rapidly fire at you with such velocity that you’ll be hit time and time again by their evocative power. He doesn’t stop there though, his delivery is top notch, never faltering or hesitating to land just the right phrasing to make his insightful views upon life hit just right. Then you’ve got the production that highlights this further, making sure there’s no distractions and that we’re all focus on his breathtaking performance to the point where we’re begging for more by the time the track finishes playing.

Hailing from Tallahassee, Florida, this 21 year old artist matches the heat of his home state through his music. Be sure to dive into his sound and be prepared for April 22nd where he’ll be dropping one fire Mixtape for us all to marvel and behold.

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