Babebee & Captain Morg – everytime


Babebee and Captain Morg are a collaboration made in hyperpop heaven. Both artists have an ethereal aura surrounding their sound, making each scintillating synth transport you to a mystical electronic wonderland that’s filled with as much marvel and fascination as their soundscape. Put them together and you’ve got both of their sonic ideologies being elevated to the next level.

Feeling both organic with the use of melancholia acoustic guitar driven plucking patterns and industrial perfection from the rather hypnotic synth melodies, everytime is mesmerising from start to finish. Babebee’s celestial vocal melts into the soundscape of effervescent beats beautifully, all whilst she serenely communicates her heartbreak through the diary entry styled lyrics that we’ll all be able to find solace within. Captain Morg arrives and builds on this further with his warped vocal piercing through the bridge and adding an extra layer of multifaceted emotion that’s hard to ignore. Everytime is everything we could’ve wanted from this collab and more!

Must Read