Who needs a whole team working behind you as an artist when your team can literally be your group? That seems to be B0r0s methodology with the New York collective having people dedicated to music, songwriting, photography, graphic design, fashion and a whole plethora of other creative fields within their group. With every area covered you can rest assured that they have the ingenuity to handle anything that’s thrown at them, and that certainly seems to be the case judging from their discography. Each project they’ve dropped is sonically intriguing and visually captivating, meaning their work is both a treat for the ears and the eyes. It becomes even more impressive when you seem them challenge the usual conventions of hip hop and take subtle cues from R&B and pop to create something that’s completely their own. Need proof? Time to dive into WANNA KNOW U.

This dreamy love song is something I can see being played through a boombox as someone tries to win back their sweetheart in a huge romantic gesture that’s undeniably sweet. Effortlessly ebbing and flowing between the boys as they each offer their own insights into falling head over heels for someone and how they want to make that connection turn into a long lasting relationship. They don’t hold back with the lyrics and it all builds to heartwarming chorus that sees them look back at the moment they saw each other for the first time and the butterflies that ensued. Valentines day might be over and done with but make sure to add this to any romantic playlist you’ve got cooking.

Must Read