Geller – Crying All Night Long


Geller’s latest single “Crying All Night Long” is the embodiment of the mixed, confusing feelings that come with finding a sense of comfort in being alone. It’s the realisation that you’re the spec of dust in the grand scheme of the universe; it’s aligning with this sort of feeling, and in a melancholic way, celebrating it. And because of this odd occurrence in life, it’s okay to feel apathetic towards the world at times. It’s perfectly fine to spend your time “Crying All Night Long,” even. 

The music video is the perfect visual counterpart to Geller’s single. It features the artist himself in the midst of a busy, hectic, and non-stop crowd: his head is trapped inside of a popcorn machine, yet not a single person has bothered to notice. The scene places a wallflower as the centerpiece; and still, the world continues on, without taking a glance. Geller taps into the vulnerability that coincides with these exact feelings in a moody yet upbeat ballad. The timbre of his vocals pairs perfectly with the energetic patting of jungle-like drums and hearty bass kicks, –the contrast and layering of sound creates a dreamy world that audibly simulates the bittersweet loneliness that arises in spurs of self-regulated isolation. What better way to express the balance on this fine line between being comfortable with being alone and being swallowed by a pit of loneliness? Geller lets us know his method to dealing with such emotions is by dancing and crying all night long. Now we have the perfect anthem to do it alongside him.

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