Brimheim – favourite day of the week

With a brooding vocal with honey drizzled tone reminiscent of HAIM and enticing lyrical storytelling that rivals that of Steven King, the Danish-Faroese musician Brimheim forms sonic worlds that let her emotion take flight in the most dazzling ways conceivable. Summing up her sonic manifesto with the phrase, “living is hard,” (spoken like a true millennial there) her music finds the beauty within the chaos of living. Translating the turbulent moments filled with emotional darkness into ravishing sonic experiences that put focus on finding cathartic moments within these times of madness. Anxiety, vulnerability, anger, confusion, fear, all these emotions and then some she tackles head on like a Superbowl winning quarterback but always manages to sprinkle in a little bit of humour and bright white light in the distance, symbolising the hope we often need during these times.

Her latest single favourite day of the week is the perfect representation of her sound. Focusing on the early moments during a relationship where you stumble and fall over yourself consistently as well as trying to understand each other’s needs as best you can, she captures the anxiety driven nature of this time beautifully. Her vocal is truly sublime, radiating a warm inviting energy of wanting to them in with a subtle cold tone representing the fear that can bring, as her authentic lyrical display brings you into the room. The nerves, the tension, the openness, the dreamy stares, all of it is shown with such a nuanced beauty that you can’t help but find yourself rooting for this couple through all of their ups, downs and immature moments of bickering. A rather stunning display to say the least.

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