Vitesse X – Potential Energy


The resurgence of Drum N Bass has been one of my favourite things that’s happened in the music scene as of late. As the world begins to reopen after almost two years of lockdown and the clubs have reopened this sound has come back with a vengeance and the New York based producer Vitesse X is thriving in this world. Triumphantly meeting at the intersection between 90’s rave culture, the Y2K glitch inducing trend that’s occurred and the early 2000’s dance scene, her sound is futuristic nostalgia in a nutshell. I’d akin her latest track Potential Energy to something you might hear in the new Matrix’s movie soundtrack, being able to be simultaneously a cool electronic driven number that makes you want to dance and something that could effortlessly have a billion cool montages done with (Tik Tok do your thing.) She manages to capture this tender emotion through the ethereal electronics whilst still allowing you to lose yourself in the melodies and dance like no one is watching. It’s kind of reminiscent of Robyn’s legendary track Dancing On My Own in that regard, but her bliss inducing vocal allows her to add her own special flair that I cannot get enough of.

This is a vibe fest for sure. There’s no doubt that as Vitesse X tours around the USA this banger will slowly find its way onto multiple playlists, be it by fans soundtracking their nights out or DJs looking for potential bangers, and soon she’ll develop a small but loyal cult following. Dive into this outstanding track ASAP.

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