Savaiah – In The Way


Having been apart of more than 10 musicals, regularly performed in a Jazz band (as well as a Mariachi one too) and can play multiple instruments, it’s safe to say that 16 year old Savaiah always knew where her passions lied. With her unique blend of R&B with subtle elements of indie pop, she proves she is the architect of her sonic ideology as she begins to build the foundation for an ethereal sonic experience that she hopes will one day be as high as the skyscrapers of Manhattan. Beguiling us with mystical melodies that elegantly float like clouds above us, her latest single In The Way is equivalent to a summers daydream where your mind wanders to a magical wonderland and offers a brief moment of escapism. Being reminiscent of early 90’s R&B through a contemporary lens, the halcyon guitar chords intertwine with the atmospheric beats that allow her honey drizzled vocals to truly blossom with the warmth that radiates through the soundscape. The relatable lyrics connect deeply with the listener, forming an emotional bond that sees her own feels reflect onto us and insert ourselves into her honest narrative.

When you combine all that with a James Turrell inspired music video that sees the ambient light perfectly reflect the atmosphere of the track and you’ve got a treat for the eyes and ears. Savaiah might be young but she’s already demonstrated a musical talent that is far beyond her years. She might be crooning about being in the way now, but trust me there’s nothing standing in the way of her and musical success.

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