2020 saw the birth of ella jane, a diamond in the rough of the pop soundscape. Each song she released came from a different phase of life, charting her journey of self discovery throughout her high school career as her bewitching music soon began to skyrocket and turn her into a bonafide star in the making. She was living every high schooler’s dream, heck if she put on a wig and gave herself a stage name like Alaska Nebraska she would’ve literally been our child dreams too. However it was her raw talent that separated her from the others, her ability to craft a rich melody was second to none and creating textured soundscapes that prove time and time again that pop music can pack an almighty punch. The euphonic fusion of her artistic vision, emotive vocal, ability to morph genres to fit her story and authentic lyrics has propelled her music career into the stratosphere and that momentum isn’t stopping anytime soon, especially with the release of her debut EP THIS IS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.

An amalgamation of all her songs released to this point, as well as a new hypnotic track to book end to this chapter of her life, you witness her growth from the start of her journey to this moment. Vulnerability, jubilation, passion, all of this and more is expressed throughout the project, be it through nothing else i could do, a summer anthem that intertwines her heartfelt narrative with shimmer beats like two silk ribbons, or through the looking glass, a tearjerker that will have you reaching for the tissues in mere seconds. This is a debut project that many artists would dream of, filled with nothing but runaway hits that belong at the top of the charts, ella jane is set to be the new pop icon who you’ll be coming back to over and over again.

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