DWLLRS – Beauty Rains

Having become enamoured with DWLLRS sound since I heard their track It’s Only Up From Here, I’ve become quite acquainted with the duo’s ability to turn sorrow filled circumstances into something that is teeming with life and unrivalled beauty, finding the wonder within the desolation. It’s a core part of their ideology and they’ve translated that into one their most mesmerising tracks to date as they begin to showcase the under-appreciated beauty that they’ve seen on their journey so far. The duality of life transcends through Beauty Rains, explaining how even though their are moments in life where we feel despondent, it lets us know that we’re alive because the only way we could feel that sad to begin with is if we felt something euphoric before. The flavoursome soundscape filled with erratic melodies and a shifting production that is a buoyant contrast to the more emotive vocals, finding pain within the lyrics and bouncing off the joy of the production. An ambitious idea that’s resulted in DWLLRS smashing it out of the park and finding the sunshine between the clouds on a rainy day.

Don’t dwell on DWLLRS, they’re a duo who are ready to take the world by storm and, having picked up countless fans like Justin Bieber, we don’t think it’ll be too long before that becomes a reality. Dive into their discography and find the beauty within the rain and let their music reign over you.

“This song represents the foundation of what the DWLLRS project means to us. Trials, tribulations, pain, and sorrows all provide the duality we require to forge meaningful connections and to find the beauty in the rain. We’re in this place where nostalgia itself is fleeting and you have to find a balance between remembering the past, living in the present, and dreaming of the future. It’s the little and the big parts of life all together that make everything worth it. Beauty reigns above all else when we allow ourselves to find worth in the process of life and all the highs and lows it has to offer.”

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