Archie Norris – Camden Town

Following his mellow, reggae-like single, “Feel About You”, Archie Norris takes us through a lovestruck adventure in search of another to share his overbearing romantic feelings and desires with. A warm piano melody introduces “Camden Town”, laying out the foundations of the track and establishing the magical, night-life feel of it. The lovely tone in Archie’s vocals complement this in a staccato, melodical, and metronome-like way, adding a soft and steady feel to the song. He focuses on his longing for love and ability to share these feelings with another, hoping to experience the visions created in his head. 

“Camden Town” is the embodiment of Archie Norris’ hopeless romanticism. He paints a vivid picture of his habit of aimlessly looking for love through short-lived infatuations with someone that seems entirely out of reach–chasing a feeling he gets from fantasies of a stranger rather than developing a relationship with a person. With pleasant lines like “I haven’t ever seen someone quite like ya, so please can I see you again?”, he gets straight to the point. It’s a type of directness that leaves you with a warm feeling and butterflies in your stomach, reflecting the ocean of emotions that Archie must deal with as well. “Camden Town” takes the chaotic and lonely love cliche of becoming besotted with a beautiful stranger and visualising an entire romantic daydream with them, highlighting how incredibly lovesick and lonely he truly is.

Must Read