míra – April

The 20 year old Georgia native míra is a special talent. His authentic autobiographical styled songwriting makes you develop an instant connection, interweaving yourself within his humble narrative as to become apart of his nostalgic novel that reads like a classic coming of age movie. His debut album Auburn Bleach is very much the same, wrapping you up in a whimsical adolescent tale that takes you on a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows that you cannot say no to, all before the ride finishes and all you want to do is go round one more time. It’s quite a breathtaking debut that features a textured soundscape filled with little nuances so that every time you re-listen you discover something new, adding his own flair in the process that gives off a magical yet authentic feel, reminiscent of early Vampire Weekend mixed with subtle tinges of Rex Orange County. But one track transfixed me from start to finish, it might be August but take me back to April anytime.

Elegant in every way, the stripped back fuzzy sonic landscape brings out the best qualities in the warped vocal as he evocatively delivers a heartfelt performance. If you close your eyes you become apart of this story, each intricate lyric he utters adds further detail, expanding this world he’s crafting until one word pins you down and transports you back to your youth. In vivid technicolour he soothingly lulls you into this world and makes you never want to leave, all whilst maintaining a beautiful soundscape that never falters, adding more to this spellbinding experience. An all around special talent, míra is extraordinary in every way imaginable.

Must Read