goth gf – kinda love


One of my favourite discoveries of 2021 has to be goth gf. Their debut single xo is still in my heavy rotation with the coruscating pop number being vibrantly colourful and optimistically uplifting whilst having a buoyant rhythm that effortlessly turned an overcast day into a summer paradise. That’s what they’re so good at, crafting warm soundscapes with scintillating melodies and lush vocals that are made to soundtrack your tropical trips and, more specifically, your summer romances. The days spent dreamily staring off into the distance in completely comfortable silence, heartfelt conversations that never leave that room and, in their latest release, days spent apart where all you can think about is them. No matter how hard you try to make your mind wander, they’re always there with you, ready to give you a loving embrace.

With a lush production of whimsical synths, kinda love is dreamy summer romance in song form. Lyrics about enjoying being in your own company to loving spending all your time with this person, the slow burner depicts a personal growth that this relationship has brought. Our narrator goes from hating himself to feeling enough with this person and hopes they can do something as equally important for them. The sun-kissed production matching the honey-drizzled vocals and lovelorn lyrics makes this a summer romance you’ll never want to end. There’s now doubt that goth gf are ready to make you fall head over heels for them.

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