Leith – Love Vibes

The UK has been under a rigorous lockdown for almost a year and a half now, but recently our doors were swung open and we were allowed to venture further than our local Tescos to do our weekly shop. Having moved to London just before the pandemic, the Toronto born musician Leith arrived in the UK with the undercarriage of a few songs, but once lockdown hit and she became acquainted with the four walls of her room, she stormed into action. Blending together her artful storytelling with subtle luminescent synths and hazy guitars, her dazzling take on the alternative pop sound began to form and, before too long, the city of London had provided exactly what she needed. Now, in a sonic snapshot, she captures the wonder the city brought her as she pens an open love letter to her new home that is reminiscent of Haim collaborating with Phoebe Bridgers and a little bit of Lorde’s edge thrown in there.

Love Vibes is a modern anthem, melting clean cut electronics with raw surging guitars to form a marvellous juxtaposition as the two elements clash together in an almighty euphonic eruption. Her passionate vocal however is the centrepiece of the formidable debut, evoking high amounts of palpable emotion that make her sentimental lyrics, that feel like they’re from an iconic track from the 1960’s, blossom into life. London is open and Leith is ready to show us the love she’s ready to give.

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