DAVIN – voicemail

DAVIN, like many of us, is stuck in the cycle of social media where we scroll through a feed looking at how well all our friends are doing, see how we’re not doing as well as them, feel inadequate in comparison, close the app and repeat. However, rather than dwelling on the what she cannot control within her friend’s lives, she shifts her energy onto creating something for others experiencing the same devastating mentality to find solace within. Looking up at the ceiling with the same markings staring back down upon you with what appears to be a judging gaze, a mind running at the speed of sound despite life moving at a snails pace, dopamine coming from your phone, overthinking every action you do, all feature within the heart-on-sleeve narrative of voicemail. It’s beautifully earnest, every word becomes apart of you, comforting your emotional pain whilst planting seeds of change, hoping you will grow out of this pain and be stronger because of it.

There’s a beautiful sadness that comes from the atmospheric production crafts, making it feel like something you’d see at the end of a bittersweet Stephen Chbosky coming of age film. The hazy guitar melodies swirl together with the somber percussion to back her sweetly toned vocals that bring out the desolation of this period of DAVIN’s life before an emotional climax of euphonic proportions puts it all in perspective. We might feel like we’re going slower than everyone else but DAVIN helps us find our way, realising life isn’t a race and although we might’ve hit the wall right now, we can certainly breakthrough and run with pride.

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