– curious…


With a glistening production of bubbly synths and whimsical melodies that bring out your inner childlike wonder, the artist (yes, like the website) creates a world that is mischievously wonderful. Her quirkily toned vocal is filled with a playful charisma that is utterly charming and fits the 90’s R&B yet futuristic modern pop production like a glove, forming a perfect blend of old meeting new. Whilst curiosity might’ve killed the cat, her latest single curious… has me utterly fascinated by her cheekily toned world of nostalgia ladened bliss is capable of.

This is sublime idyllic pop combined with her light hearted attitude and infectious personality makes her sound so utterly addictive. Even her lyricisms have a tongue in cheek tone that brings out the jubilance in you as the bubbly melodies get you smiling from ear to ear and, in no time at all, you’ll be singing that catchy hook along with her. She’s stepped up her sound and now we wait for her new project my favourite star and the chapters of her ascension to be released.

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