Marcus Jacob – grey

Marcus Jacob is a musical enigma, the 16 year old from New York is simply impossible to put in a box. Be it the frenzied nature of hyper pop with the effervescent electronics he uses, underlying rock basslines that belong in a 90’s classic or his undeniably addictive hooks that put countless pop icons to shame, he doesn’t define himself with one genre. Each release allows us to step back and see more of this grand picture he is painting, showcasing his outstanding potential and fearless experimental style in the process. This unique teenage artist is just getting started and already looks ready to set the world alight.

With grey we see the artist venture into a more emotionally intuitive sound, highlighting the vulnerability of his vocal that is backed by a lush guitar progression before exploding into a warped electronically distorted wonderland of high octane euphonic bliss. He hits all the right notes as his artful lyrical imagery paints an idyllic picture of his own pain and suffering, very much like a modern day musical Van Gogh, before ending on a tender passage that has me hooked. He’s only just beginning and I cannot wait to see what his future endeavours see him do next.

Must Read