Noah Guy – Saltines & Gingerale


Philadelphia native Noah Guy is a ready made pop icon in the making. His sensational vocal has an air of Shawn Mendes meeting Joshua Bassett whilst his R&B infused pop soundscape welcomes you with a warm embrace as his lovelorn lyrics will have you swooning and creating a stan account. His debut EP SUMDAY showed off his natural songwriting talent as he weaved together sentimental narratives that cemented him as one of the hottest talents emerging from Philadelphia’s thriving pop scene. Now it’s time to fall head over heels for him again as he croons a honey drizzled loved up affair in Saltines & Gingerale.

This is the type of song that everybody wishes their partner would write about them, a softhearted piece with an affectionate centre that blows the usual romantic gift of chocolates and flowers out of the window. With his smooth vocal he soulfully confesses how he will never get sick of this relationship, confessing all the little things he loves about spending time with her in the process. For Noah Guy, the butterflies in this relationship never went away, they’ve been fluttering around as she still makes him feel weak at the knees. Love doesn’t get much truer than this.

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