The Haunted Youth – Coming Home

If you’re looking to escape back to your adolescence, those wonderful teen years without the puberty and awkwardness, then don’t worry the Belgium based band The Haunted Youth have got you covered. Their debut Teen Rebel was filled with the reckless abandonment of youth that felt perfect for the soundtrack of any modern coming of age movie, no doubt we’ll be seeing their music in a future A24 film and their follow up is adolescent classic. Genuinely one listen and you’ll be tempted to go back home, sneak into your families liquor cabinet, pour the vodka into a water bottle, refill there’s with water and escape into the night with a group of your closest friends.

Memories just come rushing backing with Coming Home, the nights dancing til the early hours of the morning without a care in the world, dreamy summer days just wandering through the countryside with nowhere to go, getting secretly drunk without your parents knowing and everything in-between. This dreamy slice of alternative pop takes you away from the stresses of modern living with just one click and gives you a few brief minutes of nostalgically looking back upon your youth.

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