Thomas Porter – Tired


With tongue in cheek lyrics that muses on a life with the person you love and a sun kissed production that is perfect for blasting out in the sun during the next heat wave, the Aussie artist Thomas Porter certainly makes an impression with his debut. The young up and coming musician who’s a self proclaimed mama’s boy and has an affinity with Adam Sandler, which makes sense considering his debut feels like a cooler, more authentic version of the finale track I Wanna Grow Old With You from The Wedding Singer, has got that something special surrounding his sound. He has an aura surrounding relatable lyrics that makes every word he utters feel so personal and honest but also incredibly charming and intimate.

Tired is a bright celebration of love that focuses on small sentimental things, like playing Minecraft together or just doing nothing and enjoy each-others presence, but looks at the doubts we can occasionally have in our heads over how someone so wonderful would want to be with us. The highs of love are woven together to form a sonic tapestry that will have you smiling from ear to ear and yearning for a love that makes you feel the same way he does.

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