GOM – Teeth


20 year old Minneapolis born and raised musician GOM is apart of the ever growing movement of genre bending / genreless artists. The ones who refused to be defined by one sound and are known blending and warping a variety of soundscapes with every release, seeing their music switch from laidback lovelorn acoustic ballads to high energy bombastic hyper pop numbers at the flip of a hat and he’s a true pro at doing this. He’s best defined as sonic chameleon, being able to blend his style to match whatever genre he wants to weave his narrative across whilst adding his own experimental flair that always leaves me in awe of his talent. Versatility doesn’t come much better that what this artist offers, you never get the same thing twice and he always stands out because of it.

Teeth is no different, taking elements from punk, rock and hyper pop to give us a fervent experience of eruptive passion, volatile electronics, insatiable melody driven hooks and off-kilter vocal stylings that are filled to the brim with charisma and emotion. This might be GOM’s best track to date but I doubt that will last long, with the artist consistently raising his game we have no doubt he’ll be producing thrilling music for years to come. Sink your teeth into his sound right now!

GOM ยท Teeth

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