Ripping through new sheets and starting a fresh, Sam Houston was known in the Austin, Texas scene for his Americana sound with subtle funk undertones before deciding it was time to shift his sonic stylings over to hip hop to reflect his modern views on the world. Under the new moniker BLK ODYSSY he makes a commanding debut that is filled to the brim with a fervent display of palpating raw emotion through his erratic vocal performance whilst still maintaining his previous genre bending capabilities. Hip hop, punk, rap, soul, funk and jazz, all of these varying musical soundscapes are featured within this intoxicating dual single release that is hits hard both the beat and emotions it carries.

BIG BAD WOLF/SOBER goes from an erratic performance, putting his own inner dialogue at the forefront he faces his demons head on, to a more somber style that allows us to sit in that darkness with him, carrying a torch to help him find his way. His intoxicating multifaceted soundscape allows him to embrace whichever direction he wishes to purse, adding his own distinct flair to any genre to make his thrilling narrative all the more compelling. Include a stunning music video, directed by Rashad White, and you’ve got the makings of an artist who is just getting started.

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