Henjila – yellow face


Written with the intent of comforting victims of Anti-Asian hate crime, an act that has risen dramatically over the past year and a half, the Nepali born Britain based musician Henjila unleashes her frustrations of this heinous act through her powerful new single. Written about Asian youths growing up within western world, yellow face is an evocative number tackling the xenophobic and racist acts that occur within our society, empowering and comforting members of the Asian community in the process whilst delivering a heartfelt message she croons through the poignantly poised lyrics, “Don’t call me yellow face / I’m exactly like you too.”

Providing extraordinary insight into those within the Asian community, Henjila’s lyrics are unfiltered raw thoughts that shift between frustration, vulnerability, despair and hope in one elegantly crafted single. Her vocal emphasises this point further as she weaves together these emotions to form a sonic tapestry that allows us to see a new perspective of this issue she is spotlighting. Nothing conveys the message of this track more than the closing lyric that left me speechless and in awe of Henjila’s songwriting talents, “And I’m doing my best to socialise but society ain’t kind / To the type of person that I am / I hope one day they understand.”

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