Ava Maybee – Colors

Harbouring a small but loyal follow, Ava Maybee began her performing career when she was only 7 years old, regularly singing at multiple charity events at classic venues like The Whiskey and The Nice Guy but also iconic stadiums like the Staples Center. Now she’s producing authentic pieces of alternative pop with a subtle vintage R&B undertone and the occasional classic rock twist that has made her sonic palette a delectable tapas of individual treats that beautifully melt together.

In her latest track Colors she shows off her songwriting chops with playful tongue firmly in cheek lyrics about a cheating ex, contrasting the rather vibrant soundscape in the process to form a marvellous juxtaposition. The authenticity of her narrative mixed with her earnest vocal makes it feel as if she’s telling you all about this ex over a glass of wine and, by the end of the track, you’ll soon be screaming about how much you can’t stand this guy either. Whether you’ve got a cheating scumbag of an ex or just want a damn good pop song to bop a long with, Ava Maybee certainly has you covered.

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