Naliya – Handshakes

If you’re on the look out for some shimmering pop music that features ethereal vocals, lyrical wit that creates a compelling intimate connection, a headboppingly good bassline and a crystal clear production to tie it all together, then it’s time to dive into rising pop songstress Naliya. The producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter has already developed a lot of buzz around her name thanks to her songwriting talents, collaborating with the likes of Jason Derulo for his collaboration with Adam Levine and Tate McRae with her runaway hit Rubberband. Hard to believe this whole journey started when she was sitting in her home in Canada, downloaded Garageband and began to make some fresh beats. Now she’s consistently bashing out six figure streaming numbers and writing songs for the stars, but keeping the best for herself as she shows today.

Handshakes is a buoyantly simple yet elegant track that uses a sparse production to bring out the emotive nature of the lyrics, drawing us into her soundscape and way of thinking. Her celestial vocals pierce through the thumping bassline with the magical melodies further complimenting the mystical energy radiates that within her halcyon sonic identity. This is only a brief taste of what she’s capable of, one look at her discography and you’ll soon be enamoured by what you hear.

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