No Star – Gardenview

Childhood friends Ryan Thomas and Robert Donile have been writing songs together for fourteen years, forming an unbreakable bond unlike any other that lead to the formation of their most collaborative project to date in the heart of Chicago. No Star blends together the nostalgic alt rock sound of the late 80’s and early 90’s with the modern era, allowing them to sing in perfectly harmony with one another and create something enticingly fresh and warmly familiar. Their free spirited sound encapsulates youth with their past releases all belonging on road trip playlists, genuinely if there’s a film company looking for a soundtrack to their next teen travel flick, just use this duo. They capture the feeling of living in the moment and their latest single is one of their best yet.

Gardenview thematically details the desperate last-minute attempt to save a relationship, they don’t want to let go, they want to hold on to what they have now believing that there is no greener pasture. The caster pot of tender emotion carries an unwavering sadness through the melancholia narrative with the anthemic yet desolate production providing the perfect backing for their earnest vocal performance. Whilst the tale might seem all doom and gloom there is an unwavering glimmer of hope. The end may soon be approaching but it shows the aftermath that follows, the searching for love once again, nights on the town without a care in the world, reconnecting with people and everything that comes in-between. It’s a break up anthem that lets you know that the end of a relationship doesn’t always have to be bad.

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