Madelline – opinions


If you’re looking for music that’s going to make you feel like a walking badass who struts their stuff without a care in the world as everyone looks at you like you’re the main character in a teen moving giving off heavy Regina George vibes, then you need to listen to Madelline. Having received three noise complaints whilst expanding her dark pop soundscape that is shrouded in ominous femme fatale realness, her first entry into 2021 is something you’d expect to see soundtrack a reboot of the St Trinian’s movie franchise. Her music strikes that balance of being brilliantly buoyant pop that screams early 2000’s with the alternative edge of the modern music scene that is utterly addictive.

Her latest release opinions gives off heavy villain vibes with the sinister edge the production offers with her ferocious vocal only amplifying this evil energy further that gets you fully invested within the cacophony of brilliance that is her soundscape. The replay value is through the roof with her killer hooks, punchy lyrics and high-spirited production melting together to form an explosive track that you can easily blast out and dance to like nobody in the world is watching. It’s a pop anthem with a badass vibe that can’t be beat.

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