Gracie Ella – Lady

Jam packed with a spellbinding vocal that evokes heart-wrenching emotion, an intimate neo-soul soundscape with an R&B twist and powerful lyrical prowess, the Toronto based musician Gracie Ella makes her presence known with a gorgeous introduction to her mesmerisingly luscious soundscape. Versed in the gospels of Erykah Badu, Lady is rich in nostalgia with the retro leaning production being reminiscent of legends like Lauryn Hill with her divine vocal runs adding to this emotional vibe filled R&B landscape she’s etched out for herself. It’s a perfect mesh of classic songwriting through a modern lens with her poignant lyrics bringing out the iconic emotion of Amy Winehouse with the raw delivery of Adele.

Then you’ve got the aesthetics of the music which are on another level. The beautiful projections in the background give a beautiful representation of Gracie Ella’s journey through the track as she elegantly glides across the water with a wide spectrum of colours bouncing off of her. Gorgeous visuals, spellbinding track, this is an introduction with that you won’t forget anytime soon.

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