Wayne Snow – Seventy


There is nothing cold about Wayne Snow’s newest single. Simple yet expansive, Seventy is true to its desert-filmed video: the empty echoes of wind blowing by, a guitar weathered by grains of sand, sparse sonic mirages of bird chirps. It’s soul so viscous you can barely see through it, with synths melted by the warmth of the sun’s enveloping grasp. But propelled by the steady, unrelenting rhythm of the drum that gradually comes to the forefront, Snow walks on: “If you need it, you will flower / You’ve been waiting for a long time.”

In a press release, Snow said this of the release: “‘Seventy’ is a song about perseverance, about overcoming life’s obstacles without letting go. I imagined a seventy day countdown to motivate myself to bounce back after a tough year when I felt everything was slipping out of my hands.”

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