Banji – Dogbreath

Describing themselves as the musical embodiment of dangling necklaces, loose fit dungarees, 8-bit arcade and ironic thrift shop finds, the Netherlands based quartet Banji are the quirky alternative pop act who’ve got the vibe of The Gorillaz if they were started by Gen Z. Their playfully unique soundscape is a vibrant delight that gives you a serotonin boost instantly through their uplifting melodies, jubilant vibe and sound that could easily soundtrack a montage in any coming of age movie, seriously A24 get onto this. Their music has a lighthearted air to it that makes your worries float away, but underneath all that are more poignant and solemn lyrics.

With Dogbreath they focus on feeling guilt-ridden about your actions but failing to accept the consequences by making up excuses and not dealing with the issues head on, hence the title focusing on how even gum can’t cure your bad breath. They’re truly masters of this juxtaposition that artfully masquerades their music as carefree, happy go lucky numbers but with their hidden messages they, without us even knowing, give us little life lessons that will stay with us thanks to their contagious hooks. If you like Vampire Weekend then we highly recommend hoping onto these guys.

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