Ruben Dawnson – Sunshower


There is an alternate universe where the pandemic never happened and time didn’t blur into the dream-pop haze of Post Malone’s Billboard Hot 100 reign, and Ruben Dawnson has the portal to it. Sunshower is his time machine to the summer we never had or, hopefully, the one that is to come in a few months: wide roads, fresh romance (“I think I fell in love the second I first saw your eyes”), clean air. Everything that “Circles” couldn’t be by virtue of its soft-rock pining — free, fast, and “AWOOOO” anthemic — Dawnson guzzles down as fuel with pre-chorus rest stops, when bright synths have the calm of morning sunlight in an open field. The singer-songwriter might hail from Norway, but it’s only a matter of time before his music coasts through the world, windows down.

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