Sam MacPherson – Last Minute

We’ve all heard the phrase right place wrong time but the LA based Singer / Songwriter & musician Sam MacPherson has taken that to a whole new level today with his latest release focusing on someone confessing their love for him as he’s about to hop on a plane and fly across the country… definitely better times that could’ve been said. His honest storytelling and relentless attention to detail has already allowed him to become a master craftsman when it comes to intimate emotional ballads that make the opening 10 minutes of Up seem like a comedy in comparison. Genuinely he’ll make you teary eyed very quickly.

The concept surrounding Last Minute might seem rather melancholy but there’s this beautiful sense of understanding and hope the comes from the poetic lyricisms of MacPherson with, “But I’m not mad about it,” being the perfect reflection of this moment. It’s that quiet moment after the words have been uttered where they know they should’ve said something sooner but are happy to know the feelings are reciprocated in this moment, even if it might not be the best circumstances. It’s sad, it’s beautiful, it’s joyous, it’s everything that love can be captured in one elegantly written track.

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