NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS are a group for the new age who developed their signature sound surrounding internet culture and although they described themselves as a couple of Sims making music, they’re one of the hottest acts around right now. Their previous track we premiered titled Murder Party was a sinister cutthroat number filled with beautifully twisted lyricisms that was the perfect representation of their renowned satire filled sound. The four creators bring out the beautiful within the absurd which is why their music has brought them a loyal and almost cult like fanbase.

They release their chaotic energy today in the cacophony of madness that is I Hate Every1 as they playfully poke fun at the conflicting versions of themselves. It’s clean cut pop mixed with the pure pandemonium of angst filled Hyper-Pop with the distorted vocals belting out an addictive chorus as well as a hook that’ll undoubtably be yelled right back at them whenever they perform this live. The self deprecating tongue in cheek lyrics will strike a chord with their listeners as their eccentric personality filled vocals contrast the darker undertone the piece takes. Bonkers as always, NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS are the side characters we need to take centre stage.

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