Kasai – I Don’t Really Think About You No More


With every track she releases the Dirty Hit signee Kasai continues to ooze high amounts of star quality with her honey drizzled vocal that glides over her enigmatic production like Torvill and Dean across the ice. Her unwavering confidence has always been at the centre of her music, she commands your attention from the get go like snake charmer hypnotising us with her fearless production style and passionate lyrics. She’s one of the brightest sparks in the UK’s ever expanding music scene and today she continues to shine like a diamond with her channelling the essence of Hollywood glamour and bringing it into the modern age within her latest single.

I Don’t Really Think About You No More is her confidently walking away from an ex for the last time. Despite having a laidback production with a gentle percussion that’s reminiscent of Frank Ocean, which makes sense considering his collaborator Vegyn produced this, there’s a cool defiance that comes from her that screams pure elegance and class. She’s one of those artist who doesn’t need all the bells and whistles of a grand production surrounding her, no she can make a whole room become so quiet you could here a pin drop with just a simple vocal riff. She radiates nothing but pure star quality.

“The song ‘I Don’t Really Think About You No More’ serves as an interlude on my EP and is about someone who doesn’t deserve to be in your life anymore.” says Kasai, “Most of us know right from wrong but sometimes it feels like you can’t control or help when someone is intrusively taking over your thoughts. You know every reason for not respecting them anymore but still think about them and hate it and long for the day it stops. Saying ‘I Don’t Really Think About You No More’ out loud when you still do is the motivation you need to hear. That was me to me when I made this.”

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