Arden Jones – roll the dice

The 19 year old LA based singer songwriter and rapper Arden Jones took the music world by storm earlier this year when he dropped his dynamic debut Parallel Parking that introduced us to his sonic world where his alternative pop hooks and natural candour reigned supreme over his adoring subjects. His follow up continues to build upon this mighty kingdom with him intertwining the sonic textures of hip hop’s punchy rhythmic beats with alternative pop’s addictive melodies that raise the bar he set to astronomical heights. His swagger is undeniable, his style in indescribable and roll the dice is his defining moment.

Jones’ mission with this track is to encourage people to overcome their fears, roll that dice and take the risk they keep calculating in their mind but never break through the barrier to their idyllic desires that remain on the other side. His confident vocals makes you feel unstoppable, nothing can get in your way as you take your first steps in taking on the world and achieving everything your heart has set out to achieve for so many years. This is the anthem for the people who need to grab life by the horns and take the risk to make their dreams a reality.

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