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Lose yourself in the hauntingly beautiful “After Night” by MXMS


After hearing After Night by MXMS I think funeral pop might be my new favourite genre. The duo, comprised of Ariel Levitan and Jeremy Dawson, is a masterpiece in hauntingly beautiful, dark atmospheric and enthralling music. Everything about this track feels like it was just meant to be.

The ominous production of After Night transports you to a whole new world where the throbbing beats and alluring piano melody of Dawson takes you by the hand and taking you a mystical world with the luscious vocals of Levitan being your guide. It’s one of those tracks that needs absolute silence when listening to. You need to hear every single beat, every single vocal tremor, every single tender piano key, every single bit of emotion to be able to get the full experience when it comes to this spellbinding piece of work.

Lose yourself in this track by a duo who’s music is a forbidden treasure made especially for moments of silence. Pure perfection.

Connect with MXMS: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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