I do love it when artists go out of there way to make sure that their track has the right sound, production and, in this case, samples. Goth pop artist Niki Black went to a sermon in a cathedral to capture the audio that appears at the start of this track and was even kicked out a few moments later. Undoubtedly a highlight from the artists career and something she retells whenever she can.

The sample was all worth it though with her latest track Hallelujah being a work of gothic art. It is filled with compelling lyrics about her losing her faith with the likes, “You said you would set me free / But your love has made me weak,” and the hook, “Hallelujah I used to sing it to you,” being the true standouts of the track. Then there is the intoxicating synth beats, ominous atmosphere built by the choir backing Black at multiple points and a powerfully emotive vocal that truly comes alive in the chorus with it being reminiscent of Jessie Ware.

With her debut EP coming out in 2019, Niki Black is certainly an artist you’ll want to keep an eye on next year.

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