Mikey Ferrari – SPACEBOY


Artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Mikey Ferrari writes a project for the underdogs of the world. His debut EP is like a movie in music form as we go through the trials, tribulations, mental anguish, exhaustion and a battering of critiques the title character experiences in the pursuit of his dream. Throughout the EP there’s something that everyone who’s taken the plunge and risked it all to make their passion their livelihood will relate to, be it the isolated feeling of being alone in this endeavour like in standoff or the endurance that comes when everything doesn’t go your way in moving slow, but it’s the title track that emotionally resonated with me.

SPACEBOY, a tale of the scrappy underdog who fights tooth and nail to pursue their dream, even when the whole world sees it as a one in a million gamble and look down upon your for wanting to achieve this goal, they don’t give up. The ominous bassline creates a foreboding atmosphere that reflects the disgusted view of the world with the pulsating beat encouraging you to push on through it all to reach the end, even if you’ve got your head in the clouds. The raw emotion is palpable as his vocal drips with passion that leaves anyone who listens with a new perspective that makes you feel unstoppable. Mikey Ferrari’s music champions the underdog in the best way imaginable.

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