spill tab – PISTOL WHIP


Most tracks that are about being cheated on focus one of two emotions, you get the ferociously anger filled tracks that let you unleash your inner demons in an explosion of cacophony inducing rage and you get the vulnerable songs that are designed to make you cry your eyes out so the sadness can fade and you can move on to better things. You rarely get a track that combines the two of them but that’s exactly what spill tab has done with her latest single as she opens herself up to her audience but also tells us how she wants to strangle the other person… for legal reasons we don’t condone that.

“It’s about getting cheated on and the dichotomy of wanting to strangle the other person, but also being shot down and vulnerable,” the artist explain. “It’s the duality of going through something that really hurts. You can’t believe it’s happening, but it is. I want my music to be like running into a wall. You can’t not listen to it. I always try to make what I’m doing stand out. That’s what I definitely have in my head.”

PISTOL WHIP opens with an intimate piano that lulls you into her vulnerable headspace as she delicately pours her soul out to you with her hushed vocal making it feel like she’s crying whilst reading those poetic lyrics right out of her diary. Then it all changes as a caterwaul synth appears to signify the the rage has landed, the piece changes to allow you to unleash your own fury against the people who’ve wronged you into the past in truly explosive fashion before bringing you back down to earth. It’s a cathartic experience for whichever emotion you want to be feeling and the perfect way to get familiar with spill tab’s music.

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