Kyns – I can never be

Kyns creates music that soundtracks late night crying sessions. Her previous releases like Lost and The End are the definition of tearjerkers with her emotionally vulnerable vocal having a celestial quality that glides over the intimate production of somber guitar riffs to make the lyrical journey she takes you on feel even more raw and evocative. It’s the type of music you can see playing at the end of a CW show, the moment where a loved one passes a way, a break up occurs or just about any sad ending you’d expect to see in the Vampire Diaries. So grab the tissues because you’re gonna need them for this track.

I can never be opens with the telling lyric, “You bought me gold and it turned my skin green / I washed for days and it wouldn’t come clean,” inviting you into the story she’s about to tell you that will have you on the edge of seat like it’s a thrilling new period drama. The minimal production of a melancholy piano lulls you into a false sense of security before you’re hit by a cacophony of guitars and drums that lets her frustration free as her emotions slowly become more and more potent til you’re left drowning in a puddle of your own tears. Kyns always delivers and this is no exception.

Must Read