Prometheus – LATE PLUG

Prometheus is a Zimbabwean-born Canada based artist who looked like he was on the path to greatness a fews year ago as he slowly began to build a name for himself in the British Colombia scene, with him being known as a promising underdog, hell he even got featured in a Spotify editorial playlist. Everything was on the up until it all came crashing down with his Visa being rejected and him being forced to leave the country, stunting his growth and derailing his momentum. However this didn’t stop him, he continued to work in Zimbabwe on his music and when he made his long awaited return back to Canada he made sure didn’t forget his name.

LATE PLUG shows the direction he intends on going down. A vibe filled production allows his candid storytelling to make an instant connection with the listener as his dynamic flow takes his sound up to a whole new level. You compare this to his earlier music and the difference is incredible. This time away from Canada might’ve been a blessing in disguise as his music has gone up to a whole new level that has me utterly fascinated and intrigued by what he’s capable of doing next. Keep a close eye on this one.

Must Read