Cody Frost – verbal warnings


Filled with charismatic vocals and a rebellious attitude, 23 year old Cody Frost doesn’t just debut her sound today, no she makes a commanding statement on how she’s going to shake up the UK’s music scene in explosive fashion. She is the living embodiment of the anti pop movement with her sound taking influence from a wide range of sources like rave, 90’s grunge, modern alternative rock and then going against all the conventional rules that legends before had laid out to create something fresh and exhilarating. She doesn’t play by the rules, she makes her own.

Her debut verbal warnings takes electro pop but infuses it with raw punk characteristics that captures the mesmerising appeal of her dramatic messianic vocal. It opens with melodic piano keys that builds up a hauntingly intimate atmosphere before it explodes into life through clashing pulsating electronics that ominously draws you into the soundscape like this is the sun and we’re merely caught in its orbit. She breaks boundaries, pushes through barriers and is the musical equivalent of a sonic boom, creates a sound that everyone pays attention to.

It’s a rebellious number that also serves as her own personal screw you to her former boss as she explains, “I used to work in a kids soft play area that was part of a pub. My boss there was an absolute douchebag who just lived for his job, which made me so angry. The only way I could channel that anger was to write a song about him and people like him in general – those people who think they’re superior to you because they’ve got a company car and think they’re set for life.”

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