EXUM – Dark Kept Secret


In one fluid motion the NFL player and current free agent EXUM (Antone Exum) went from dropping wideouts to dropping absolute bangers. The Virginia native has always had a passion for music since an early age with his family playing a wide variety of artists in his household, from Prince and Mariah Carey to Gucci Mane and Snoop Dogg there wasn’t a single genre he hadn’t heard before. From there his inspiration took flight and he expanded his lyrical vocabulary in his youth writing a plethora of poetry that translated into his later life he begins to pursue his music with a spellbinding official debut.

Dark Kept Secret is a beautifully poetic single with the poignant lyrics, “I ran from vile lucid dreams while I curled up at the foot of my bed,” painting a vivid picture with each word adding an extra stroke to the piece until you realise you’re looking at a work of art. The piece a triumph in music with a vibe filled chorus only adding the mystic and prestige it already offers as the deep rooted message hits with such power that you’ll be left reeling in disbelief. An outstanding debut in every way possible.

He might’ve made his name on the Football field but now EXUM is making his mark on the music world. We have no doubt he’ll continue to thrive well into 2021 and beyond.

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